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On the third day, the wedding guest dresses bride will go to the groom's tea length mother of the bride dresses house with rich presents. On their way home, they [1] will be treated warmly mother of the bride outfits by best wedding dresses country villages.All the guests will enjoy a happy wedding in the three days. It may be impossible for us to celebrate wedding for three days, but in ethnic dresses to wear to a wedding as a guest minorities, this is usual. For example, Lisu people also make their wedding ceremony last three days. Some other is knee length bridesmaid dresses more exaggerated to have a wedding of more than 40 [2] days.The Mulam is an ethnic minority that lives in Guangxi Province, mainly floor length wedding dresses in Luocheng Mulao Autonomous County in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. They practice monogamous as their marriage system. Actually the marriages of the young are traditionally arranged by elders when children were 12 or 13 after a bride price was paid. And there is a priority for marriage between a boy and his plus size special occasion dresses cousin. Unlike some conservative ethnic groups, divorce and remarriage are easy to arrange for Mulam.The lace mermaid wedding dressyoung people of a village will court the girls of other one by means of singing. [3]

For the wedding of Mulam, corsets for wedding dresses the bride is 2012 prom dresses asked to wear three pairs of new wedding shoes one plus size special occasion dresses by one. And the occasions of shoes are important. On the morning of wedding day, the bride should wear the first pair in her boudoir, then leaves for the groom's house accompanied by her sisters and friends. At the arrival of evening dresses the village of the groom, the bridal procession will stopped to wait for the bride to change party dresses for the second pair of shoes. At the gate of the groom's house, it silver bridesmaid dresses is time for wedding dresses plus size the bride to put on the third pair. It is said that bridesmaids dresses by doing this, the bride is proved to be pure and kind.The Pumi ethnic group mainly locates in Yunnan Province along the Nujiang River. The Pumi people practice monogamy. Actually, a formal marriage includes several procedures such as seeking a inexpensive prom dresses marriage alliance. It could also include worshipping the God of kitchen range. pink bridesmaid dresses what;s more, they also select an auspicious day and the wedding ceremony itself and some other. club wearThere are some unique marital customs for Pumi ethnic group. [4]

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